How do I reduce my waist size?

How do I reduce my waist size?

Here is your typical personal trainer answer:
“To reduce your waist size – Make sure to do an hour of cardio every day on an empty stomach, eat only low-fat dairy and meats, whole grains and drastically reduce your calories.” The reality is that most of that is a load of crap.

Around 70-80% of your weight is attributed to how you eat and the lifestyle you lead, only around 20-30% is genetics and exercise. Since around 80% of how you look is attributed to your diet, focusing on your nutrition should be priority #1 right?

Ok, let’s get started…Take a tape measure and measure around your waist at the belly button level. Centimeters is usually the easiest to keep track of. Also, weigh yourself. Write the numbers down and follow this advice for the next 4 weeks then re-measure/weigh. You can thank me later.

Remove/limit as much as possible these 4 foods from your diet for 4 weeks. Flour, Regular Table Salt, Sugar and most Dairy (yes pretty much all dairy).
Here is why:

Most of the foods we eat today cause massive amounts of stress on our digestive systems. In return, the reaction is bloating and stomach distend (enlargement from inflammation). Most people are holding water weight and have bloated inflamed stomachs making them think they are fatter than they actually are.

The Flour/Grains we eat including whole grains are processed to the point of acting like sugar when eaten. They crank your insulin levels and trigger your body to store fat. They also don’t digest well for most people causing all kinds of inflammation in your digestive system…you guessed it your stomach will stick/puff out increasing your waist size. This will also happen from whole grains so remove these for the 4 weeks as well. Remember this isn’t forever! This will be tough I know but worth it!

Sugar, in general, will make you fat but the white stuff is pretty much the worst. It contains zero nutrients, minerals or enzymes…it is completely empty calories. When you eat empty displacement foods your body will actually borrow nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the crap you just ate. Plus it triggers your body to store fat like crazy. Lovely.
Use a little honey or maple syrup if needed instead…but go as low sugar as possible for the 4 weeks!

The Dairy we consume has been pasteurized in order to remove bacteria and increase shelf life…the problem is when you pasteurize something you also kill most of the enzymes in the food that are needed to break down and digest that food. If you don’t digest a food properly it sits in your stomach and pretty much ferments making you bloated and causing a ton of other health issues. Great for the waistline…not! If you must have dairy use full-fat milk/cream in your coffee and butter during the 4 weeks. Avoid most other forms of dairy as much as you can.

Normal Table Salt/sodium chloride has had all its trace sea minerals removed and is pretty much just blood pressure increasing poison. Stick to sea salts only!

I could go on forever on those 4 non-food items but let’s just keep it simple for today.

Also, make sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of clean filtered water each day and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night during this challenge. Tap water is technically safe to drink but guess what…it’s chlorinated in most areas. Chlorine’s job is to wipe out bacteria good or bad. Remove too much good bacteria from your stomach and the bad bacteria take over.

One more thing…cut down your alcohol as much as possible during the four weeks to see the greatest results. Especially the beer! For many cutting down their alcohol consumption is a massive game changer in their weight/fat loss goals.

I have just given you some tools to lose weight, decrease your waist size, increase your energy and make you healthier in a very short time frame…it’s now up to you to try it.

This is the same technique I use on my clients and myself for years with amazing success!
And yes that is an image of my stomach above  :)

If you are interested in feeling great, losing weight and getting in amazing shape you should try my Coaching Program – The New You Program.

Make this your healthiest year!

Jade McClure – Vancouver Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Jade is a Vancouver Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with over a decade of helping people get fit and healthy.

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  1. riaz /Reply

    Hi Jade. I’m 46, South Asian origin, small frame, medium build, 78 kg, 175 cm. I’m trying to reduce my lower waist (5 cm below button) from 91 cm to 87 and upper waist (on button) from 93 to 87. I’ve been trying very hard. I go to gym 3x a week do weights for 45 mins and I cycle on sat/sun 25 km in the morning. I’ve been able to reduce a lot of waist and it’s stagnated at this level. Can you please give me some specific advice if you can? Ta, Riaz

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