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    Welcome to The Jadeway.com

    Vancouver Fitness & Nutrition Coach
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    Truly a banner year for me! Down 40 pounds!

    I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Jade!
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    Your Coaching Program has changed my life!

    My energy, mood, and body have made an incredible change!
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    Jade is a fitness and nutrition genius.

    He really knows how to push his clients to look and feel amazing!
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    The fat has literally been MELTING off me!

    Thank you! I’m extremely happy with the results so far!
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    I finally feel good!

    I lost 25lbs, have WAY more energy, I’m happier, need less sleep and feel much clearer headed!

Welcome to The Jadeway

Celebrity Clients

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My Remote Coaching Program

– For those that can’t train with me in person –

My Remote Coaching Program comes with nutrition plans, custom fitness programs, and support from me. All designed to get you fit and healthy!
You’ll receive weekly checkins and challenging workouts that will help you attain a level of health and fitness you never imagined was possible.


Some of the things my amazing clients have had to say.

Thanks Jade. Truly a banner year for me! Down 40 pounds! Now I just have to keep it this way…Couldn’t have done it without you :)


Total weight loss to date 44lbs. I weigh 181 now from 225. Obviously you know what your talking about. Thank You!


I just wanted to let you know that your program is changing my life (seriously!).


I would recommend him highly to anyone looking to sculpt, build muscle, lose fat or gain an excellent regime to follow! Thanks for your motivation Jade!


I have never felt better – my energy level is a lot more consistent, my moods steady and positive, and my fitness is improved. All your friends will ask you what you’re doing because the results are so impressive.


What sets Jade apart from other trainers I’ve worked with, is that he listens to your goals and he pushes you till he knows you’ve reached your limit. After working with Jade, I can’t see myself working with any other trainer.


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