Just some of my amazing Client Testimonials

Thanks Jade. Truly a banner year for me! Down 40 pounds!. Now I just have to keep it this way…Couldn’t have done it without you :)


Jade is a fitness and nutritional genius. Not only does he know how food oxidizes and metabolizes but he understands how to educate people on their eating habits in a way that makes healthy eating not just approachable but fun! I’ve done theprogram3 times now and I feel fantastic every single time. I also learn something new about my health, the nuances of “you are what you eat” and how to continue to boost my metabolism. Jade’s approach is simple and yields incredible results. He really knows what he is talking about and knows how to push his clients to look and feel amazing.


I lost 22 lbs during the program and that was without working out due to a messed up hip. Bloating is gone, some joint pain is gone and my energy is through the roof. Don’t know if my sex drive should be up but can’t keep my hands off my girlfriend either… Don’t know if you needed to know that but I am in a great mood and thought I would share :) Thank you so very much for letting me be a part of your group!


I am at the tail end of the second week of your program and I have to say that I finally feel good!  I have WAY more energy!  I don’t have the bloating and constipation that I used to have. I need less sleep and feel clearer headed.  I also feel happier – weird since so much stressful stuff is going on here lately. So far I have lost 9 1/2 lbs and it has been 12 days. So I am happy Jade……am very glad you asked me join you in this challenge!


I must say that you have done a great job in getting me back on track. It has been a sincere pleasure to meet you and work with you. You have an amazing level of commitment and I have enjoyed the time with you.


I have done the full 4 day cycle of the training and I have to say I am in my element with with it. The way it is designed really keeps me interested. The stuff I hate doing [sit ups] are a welcome change by the time I get to them. Even after only one week I can see results… and so can others. I really feel motivated now and actually can imagine getting my fit body back! I look forward to continue working with you, you are a great trainer.


Total weight loss to date 44lbs. I weigh 181 now from 225. Obviously you know what your talking about. Thanks.


Since I started your new you program I have lost 20lbs so far, and I plan to lose 10 more. By day 13 or 14 on the challenge I had decided that I wanted to eat this way for the rest of my life. I feel great, and never feel deprived. I’ve seen some amazing changes in my approach to meals and snacks. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the results. Thanks! 


I just wanted to let you know that this program is changing my life (seriously). I’m much more energetically balanced – my mood is so much more steady, it’s really quite incredible.


With your diet and 30 mins exercise, in a mere 3 days I lost 2.5 lbs! I am at 183 now and will stop at a lean 175. Its a great healthy plan with amazing results sustainable. As usual your program works exactly as promised!


I’m two weeks into your program and down 12 pounds so far! I’m not saying this program would get everyone to drop weight this fast (and maybe it does!), but if you are a sleep-deprived parent who has been neglecting themselves, then this is excellent for more than one reason! This has forced me to stop, look around at how I’m treating myself as far as sleep, exercise, meal times go and actually take care of me, instead of only taking care of my child. So – I know we’re only part way through but THANKS! I’m looking forward to see how I’ll feel at the end of the program.


I don’t think I’ve ever been as strict on one of your programs before and boy what a difference. I really think that the prep week helped with that. It made for a much easier transition into the 21(hard) days. I feel so great and really proud of myself for not cheating. Anyway, so far I’ve lost 6 pounds and actually enjoy going to the gym again because I’m not dragging my ass at the end of the day. Yay! Also… you know me and my sugar addiction… sugar is my crack, I start craving sugar at 10am!! Well, not anymore. Not even at 3pm. I will continue with the maintenance phase for at least 3 weeks and hopefully more. Thanks Jade, once again you prove that you know what you’re talking about and not just being mean my taking away all the “tasty” junk food.


Jade brings knowledge, skill, and motivation to the table when meeting with his clients. His goal is simple, to help you reach your goals effectively, quickly and in the most healthy way. With a combination of patience, passion, professionalism, and experience Jade is second to none. By implementing successful nutrition and fitness training, my life has not only improved health wise, but mentally as well! Jade introduced me to a healthy way of relieving stress and tension, which has resulted in feeling more alert at work, more successful in my daily activities, and even more enjoyment of my own relationships! I would HIGHLY recommend his programs to anyone who asked (and sometimes I do to those who don’t ask). Thank you Jade!!!


I first started working out with Jade a year ago. I have spina bifida, which limits my mobility and sports in which I can participate. I’ve also had three spinal operations, the repercussions of which still occur today. What sets Jade apart from other trainers I’ve worked with, is that he listens to your goals and expectations. He pushes you till he knows you’ve reached your limit. I was able to improve tremendously in all areas of fitness, but most importantly, my core. He personalized a fitness regimen to enhance what skills I already had and developed a phenomenal core workout. I can’t express what a difference it has made. After working with Jade, I can’t see myself working with any other trainer. Excellent!


Jade is a patient, yet hardworking trainer. He creates a comfortable environment and really listens to your needs as a client. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking to sculpt, build muscle, lose fat or gain an excellent regime to follow! Thanks for your motivation Jade!


I did the program with Jade in April. Quite simply the strategy works! I lost 15 pounds. I’m excited as I know how much better life, sports, concentration and self image improves on his programs. It’s not easy especially when co-workers give me the gears for not boozing etc…If it’s your first time with Jade hang in there…it’s worth it!


I did the program with Jade in April, too. I have never felt better – my energy level is a lot more consistent, my moods steady and positive, and my fitness is improved. I slipped recently, on some ice cream (a few times), but I’m up again for his new challenge! All your friends will ask you what you’re doing because the results are so impressive.


Thanks for all the encouragement along the way. I lost about 8 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Now I am trying to stay eating clean during the week and just have a couple of treats on the weekend (Healthy treats of course!) The New You program is so reasonable and definitely do-able! Thank you again for a really neat plan.