There is no everything in moderation

Everything in Moderation

Usually, that phrase is used to validate someones indulgence when explaining their once a week McDonald’s french fry habit, their daily diet coke addiction, their cigarettes but “only when I drink” etc…

While you may have only had those cigarettes on Friday night while out having drinks with friends, those McDonald’s french fries on Saturday because you were hung over and that diet coke on Monday to wake up, you have been exposed to a massive amount of other toxic chemicals throughout the week.

The reality is for most of us it’s not really possible to do anything “in moderation” these days.

From the moment we wake up we are applying toxic chemicals to our bodies through shampoos, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, makeup and face creams. Then we start ingesting toxins from the foods we eat via pesticide and chemical fertilizers, additives, stabilizers, and sugars.
All this and we haven’t even started our day yet!

Throughout the day we are being exposed to an intense amount of toxins through food and the environment…this isn’t even including the stress most of us are under from our daily jobs.

Most of us are barely getting enough sleep each day, drinking too much caffeine to get going and on top of that, we are trying to lose weight and increase our non-existent energy through exercise. Then you start adding the “everything in moderation” principle each week with the odd diet coke, that cigarette or two, that dairy queen blizzard because it’s hot out, that subway sandwich for lunch because you ran out of time and before you know it your system is overloaded with Stress, Toxicity, and Inflammation.

The ever-increasing Toxic Load on our bodies makes it extremely hard for us to get in great shape and to feel great.

When we want to get into shape we tend to add more exercise to our schedule…this is awesome because exercise gets us into shape. Except exercise is a stress…an amazing stress but a stress none-the-less. We stress our bodies through exercise so that they can become stronger, faster, leaner etc…

The change that we are looking for through exercise will only happen given the proper recovery…this must be understood!

If you increase your exercise stress in order to get into better shape then you must find ways of recovering from that stress.
Reducing inflammation is key. You already caused “inflammation” through exercise so now you are focusing on recovering from that inflammation to see the results of your hard work. Getting enough sleep becomes extremely important and so does reducing your intake of inflammatory foods and toxins.

You are already being exposed to a massive amount of toxins that are slowing your progress and sapping your energy each day.
Ditch the “everything in moderation” Mantra and be truthful with yourself about the amount of toxic treats you allow yourself each week.

Want fast results? 
Go through your beauty products and switch as many of them to natural products as possible…yes even including your deodorant! Do you think the makers of Crest, Colgate, Degree, Old Spice or Oil of Olay have your health in their best interests? Of course, they don’t…

Eat a diet full of clean, real foods that are organic and preferably local, drink only filtered water, ditch all the sports supplements that contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and always read labels for added crap your body doesn’t need!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself once and a while. What I’m saying is if you do something each week it’s not actually “Moderation” at all…its a habit and one that might not be serving you!

Jade McClure – Vancouver Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach



Jade is a Vancouver Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with over a decade of helping people get fit and healthy.

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