Our gyms are closed

I don’t plan to let go of my personal health and exercise, as this is what keeps me sane. I’d highly recommend trying to eat well and get as much exercise as you can during this to keep your immune system strong and your mental health in check.

Since finances are so tight for us all right now, I wanted to offer my services by donation. I do have to charge something as the software I use costs me per client/user, but the options below are very reasonable. Anything helps. Stay fit my friends!

The workouts are built-in two-week phases. They are structured and delivered via an amazing app called Train Heroic. You get to track all your reps, sets and rest times. The $40 option also comes with a nutrition plan/guide. The $140 option is for 8 weeks of home workouts.

All you need for equipment is some dumbbells, a ball or exercise bench and possibly some resistance bands. If you don’t have these things please let me know before signing up!

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