Welcome to The Jadeway.com
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    Welcome to The Jadeway.com

    Vancouver Nutrition Coach, Fitness Trainer & Yoga Teacher.
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    Truly a banner year for me! Down 40 pounds!

    I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Jade!
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    Your Coaching Program has changed my life!

    My energy, mood and body have made an incredible change!
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    Jade is a fitness and nutritional genius.

    He really knows how to push his clients to look and feel amazing!
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    The fat has literally been MELTING off me!

    Thank you! I’m extremely happy with the results so far!
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    I finally feel good!

    I lost 25lbs, have WAY more energy, I’m happier, need less sleep and feel much clearer headed!

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There is no everything in moderation

Usually that phrase is used to validate our indulgences. The reality is for most of us it’s not really possible to do anything "in moderation” these days...

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I’ve dedicated 2014 to helping as many people as I can get fit and healthy! In order to make this happen I’m going to do something a little crazy.

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