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**Edit – The Free New You Program option has now closed. Congratulations to all of you who got your hands on the best online nutrition and fitness program available…for FREE!

2014 is an important year for me.

At the end of 2013 I turned 39 and I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of it. Something about the looming big birthday a year from now that made this a big self reflection birthday for me. I know that age is just a number and I know that I look much younger than I am, I feel great, I’m super healthy and I’m in excellent shape. None of that was really an issue for me…

Turning 39 hit me in a different way. I keep asking myself where am I going? Am I where I should be in life? Have I done enough…and am I currently doing enough? All pretty normal things to ask yourself when you get close to 40 I’m sure, but it made me analyze what makes me feel truly happy and fulfilled in life and how would I be able to focus on making 2014 all about those things. Two things spoke pretty strongly to me during my reflections…To get my ass back into Yoga and the realization that I’m the happiest when I’m helping people. The more people the better.

Besides getting my ass back into Yin Yoga, I’ve dedicated my 2014 to helping as many people as I can get fit and healthy! In order to make this happen I need to get my program into as many hands as I can and so I’m going to do something a little crazy…

With my one-on-one personal training business I get to help people and that makes me truly happy…especially when clients are actually following my advice and seeing results. I can really only help so many people working one-on-one though. Fitting more people into my schedule only burns me out. This is why in late 2012 I launched my online coaching program, The New You Program – Which has given me the ability to help a much larger amount of people than my fitness training practise alone. Part of my plan to help as many people as I can starts with this:

I’m going to be giving away all my online Coaching Manuals from The New You Program for FREE! 
**Sorry this option is now closed!

If you go to my New You Program website you’ll notice my coaching program is already selling for an amazing price at $60 for the program and three months of coaching. With the purchase, members get an extremely effective nutrition program, recipes, meal plans and comprehensive workout programs with video instructions…plus coaching and help from me along the way! $60 is very cheap when you consider that people pay me $100 an hour to sit with them to sort out their nutrition in person.

I promised the Program would be free though so I’ll be dropping the $60 price completely for a limited time. Instead members will only pay for three months of coaching ($31.50) and not pay for the program manuals at all!

All I ask in return is that if you like the program you mention it to your friends and family and help me spread the word about this amazing program!

If you like free and you want to be in the best shape of your life this year sign up…soon! I haven’t decided how long I’m going to run this free option for. If I get a huge surge in new members it could be for just a few weeks to ensure I can give everyone 100% of my time and attention. All you have to do to receive your FREE New You Program manuals is sign up for my FREE newsletter (I only send 1-2 newsletters a month and its mostly recipes and workout tips) …an auto responder will email you the link (within the hour) and you can be on your way to making 2014 your healthiest year yet! SIGN UP TO THE NEWSLETTER HERE

Thanks for helping me be selfish and making 2014 the year I help as many people as I can get fit & healthy!


Incase you missed the link…you can sign up for my free newsletter and in return receive the details on how to get your FREE New You Program Here.

New You Program

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Jade is a Vancouver Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with over a decade of helping people get fit and healthy.

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