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Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jade McClure was first introduced to the fitness industry in his teens. Jade quickly realized exercise wasn’t just about the noticeable effects on his body but about gaining confidence, decreasing stress and an overall feeling of well-being. Jade has used these realizations over the past decade to make a mark on the Vancouver fitness community by offering his clients more than a one-hour workout. Rather, they are treated to his holistic, 3-stage approach, called “The Jade Way”, that encompasses Exercise, Nutrition and Yoga .

By modifying “The Jade Way” to personally fit each of his clients, Jade is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, yoga, injury rehabilitation and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client. Understanding that a personable and balanced approach (as opposed to an aggressive, single focus method) always produces better short-term and long-term results, Jade’s work is visibly noticeable with his Vancouver clientele.

Jade holds certifications from leading programs in the industry including The International Sports Sciences Association, the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute, The Clean Health Institute in Australia and even from Charles Poliquin! He is also a registered yoga instructor specializing in both Yin & Yang styles of yoga, a BioPrint Practitioner and a holistic nutrition coach. Jade frequently writes for local nutrition and health blogs, held a coveted spot as one of Lululemon’s ambassadors and donates his free time to teach wellness and yoga to at-risk groups in Vancouver.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

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